Generate Forms


I would like your help to understand if this is possible in Yii 1.1.x:

I have a table that describes fields on forms.

Something like:


The idea would be to describe all forms on a table and then have them generated on the fly, by request.

This is needed to generate workflow tasks for a customer, where a task may have one or more fields, of different types.

Customer configures tasks, so it’s not possible for me to know ex-ante what fields will be on each form.

I could give my customer the ability to generate form definitions when creating tasks. Ex: formid=1 with, let’s say, 3 textboxes, 2 dropdowlists and a checkbox, all of this configured in one single table. Then formid=2 could have 1 textbox and 2 dropdownlists, etc…

My software would read definitions from the table and generate fields accordingly on a generic form.

Is this possible? Or just a stupid thought? If possible, what approach would you recommend?

Thank you all.

of course it’s possible.

I agree, very possible! :)