Generate dynamic form from database

How to generate dynamic form from database. I have table with all specification of form: rules, labels, validation.

To imagine hole idea, here is the an example of database.

Base has some information about it self.

BaseValues is saved values in database from template view.

Fields there are all possible fields. also the same fields can be added with ajax. like is in

BaseTemplate Witch template belongs to base and all rules witch fields are require and custom validation form some fields

BaseTemplateFields witch fields will be in template.

the question is how to make dynamic form with rules and custom validation? also how to insert all data.



have you looked at this might give you a steer

yes i know it i found a lite in

Cool. How is the development going than. I would love to see your progress…may be learn something new

I have the same problem, I dont know if someone was able to do it. It would be great to know your progress.