Generate different view depending on role

I have many different roles, user cabinet and sidenav in the cabinet, its content differes from one role to another. In example, let’s say i’m on index page of user cabinet and i’m an administrator. I should see things like last registered users, user events, user purchases. If i’m a manager, i should see my last registered clients, last client events, last client purchases. If i’m a client, i should see my company info and my last purchases.

Should i generate views for every role and every menu item?

You may just customize the menus depending on the user’s role, or you may use the role specific views.

I would choose the former when the difference is only with menu items, and choose the latter when the view contents are substantially different.

Choose whichever you think is simpler and cleaner.

Thanks for the fast reply! Thought maybe there are some magic patterns etc. :)