Generate Class Diagram

Hi guys!

I’m using NetBeans 7.3.1 to develop my yii app.

And now I need to generate my class diagram. I surfed on the internet and I have not found anything concrete…

I saw in this forum to.

How you generate your diagrams? I just neeed class diagram.

I’m using Win7 (sorry for bad choice! :P )

Thanks! :)

No one can halp me? :confused:

What do you mean saying “concrete”? There are a lot of stuff out there, why don’t you like it? is something wrong with it?

PS. I’m pretty sure PhpStorm can do that.

Well, I tried some plug-ins to add to NetBeans but I didn’t find anything in concrete.

So I decided to search apps to do d~that, and I found Enterprise Architect, wich is able to do Reverse Engineering.

I liked this app.

However i nedded about 15min to generate a class model from the tutorial app. It generated a lot of classes!

Howver, my question is resolved :D