Generate BaseController and BaseModel in gii

I just started learning Yii. The gii is very cool. It is very useful for quick prototyping. But I am wondering why it does not generate a BaseController and a BaseModel, and then derive actual controllers/models from the base class? By doing this, we can put code that is common to all controllers/models in the BaseController/BaseModel without having to modify Yii core classes.

Will gii give us an option to do this in the future? Or there is already a simple way to do this without hacking into source code of gii?

Actully, the BaseController you speak is called Controller.php and is located under protected/components…

About BaseModel (or BaseActiveRecord) this is not done by Gii, but you easily can make it yourserlf… just create the clase in protected/components, ej.: ActiveRecord.php (whose class must be ActiveRecord and inherit prom CActiveRecord)

And then make all your model inherit form ActiveRecord (instead of CActiveRecord)

I have found a use for a base controller but never for a base model? What functionality do you find in a model that you want to share in every model ?

Maybe a behaviour that applies to all your models, such as Blameable?