Generalized Admin Extension?

Yii seems a natural candidate for a generalized admin extension that creates listing admin editors and forms by examining the DB for tables and columns.

Is anyone aware of such an extension that already exists? If not, is anyone else interested in such an extension if it were developed?

Didn’t not understood what you trying to say ? :S

Didn’t do a very good job of explaining it, did I?

What I’m thinking of is a page that would respond to /admin. On that page would be a listing of tables in the DB, derived from metadata queries. Clicking on a table would drill down to a record browser listing for that table, with toolbar buttons on the right, much like the current /model/admin tools.

The big difference is that there would be one AdminController and (essentially) six protected/views/admin sources:

  1. index.php, which is the listing page

  2. browse.php, which lists the records

  3. update.php, which allows for creating/editing

  4. _form.php, which presents the viewing form for a single record

  5. _item.php for the index page item detail

  6. _browseitem.php for the browse row detail

This would result in a generalized admin interface that works a bit like the phpPgAdmin and pgAdmin tools, but tied specifically to your app.

I think the best way to solve that is to create anothere app, called "admin". In that application you can define config values, model, controllers, views, extension and so on and of course you can add a dedicated RBAC.

look at this, HTH:

Cool way to do it. Thanks for the link. I’m wondering if it has already been done somewhere? If not, I’ll probably attempt it, but it won’t be until the September timeframe, most likely, after a current deliverable goes out.