General Question - Multiple Model Form


I realise this is a very general question, and I am not asking for specific instructions on how to implement this (although if you have a link I would love to see it.

I often have a scenario where I have two related tables. And it would be nice to add the possible related records via ajax on the same form when I am creating the ‘parent’ record.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Please ask for more clarification.

I suggest you two ways.

First one, is to have a compobox to select external values. And near the combobox, you could have a sort of button that open a modal dialog with a form that permit users to add new records.

Second one, is to leave free the field, and use autocomplete jquery plugin.

Thanks for the reply, I tried several times to upload the image I mentioned but couldn’t get it to work.

Will try again, although I think you understood what I was getting at anyway :)