What about GDPR?

I installed this extension from albertborsos/yii2-gdpr-cookie-consent

and is just about cookies but I am not sure if need only that.

What I know I about GDPR is that I need to give possibility to the user do:


[*]delete account

[*]download user profile

[*]delete user email ( email is use for login )


what you did it for GDPR compliace in your wbsites?


Since this is a general topic across the internet and not specifically related to yii2,

I think a good start is to simply google several summarys of whats needs to be done. ;)

For example:

… and after that you can look if there are any yii2 pre-build solutions for your tasks, like the cookie opt-in you mentioned.

Also you could start reading the GDPR itself:

Best Regards