Gae For Php + Yii

Hello I saw quite a few articles about Yii + Google App Engine for PHP.

GAE is compatible with the Yii framework? Someone managed to run Yii application? What did you think of the resources? Pros? Cons?

My application is on Amazon and I wonder if it’s worth migrating to GAE.

Thank you! ::)

check this URL this might help you

Thanks, but this topic you sent me is old, Google launched Google App Engine with PHP support last month.

I wonder if anyone has tested the new platform and if it is compatible with Yii.

Could someone help me and share your experience?


I too am very curious how the Yii framework will work on the google app engine with php.

The article above is referring to using QUERCUS and running yii through the java platform on the app engine. Has anyone configured Yii to work using PHP on the google app engine?

I made a basic install of the Yii files, and was able to navigate to the requirements/index.php, however, it did NOT meet the requirements because the super global $_SERVER was not returning correct values.

I think I did not set up my app.yaml correct, and it might just be simple configuration to get it working!