Future of Yii

Hi Guys,

I really love Yii. I can do lot of things very quickly. But I see the current trend, i feel like Yii is slowly disappearing. I see that Laravel is getting very popular and looks modern framework. Look at the current Yii website, it’s old and not even responsive! I know it doesn’t mean Yii is bad but it tell you Yii is not up to date. I feel like it’s going to be 90’s framework. If you go to Amazon CodeStar, you will see Laravel and Slim has project template. I feel like even Amazon is promoting these products. To fit in the current market I feel like I should learn Laravel too.

Please note I am not here to promote Laravel or critising Yii. As I said I’m still using Yii and love it very much. As I have to move with technologies I might need to learn other framework such as Laravel.

I think we should promote Yii and write more extensions and tutorials. For an example, I have not found any good example of SimpleSAMLphp integration with Yii. Wouldn’t be nice to have SSO using SAML with Google(both as SP and IDP). This is just a thought.

God bless Yii

The team of yii2 is developing a new website you can check it here http://yiiframework.domain-na.me/

Some time ago I created a topic a little bit related with yours http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/74968-what-can-be-improved-in-yii2. I also think that yii should evolve to be more social, the framework is rock solid but need a "marketing team" to help to promote the framework.

But in the last times there are news, the new website is more user friendly and more catchy. Now we also have a Slack channel (yii.slack.com).

Maybe this will help yii to grow.