Future of php

hi i am new comer in programming fraternity. i am currently working as a php trainee but my elder brother(ASP.NET developer) is telling me that php is fastly being replaced by other languages and i should either study .NET or JAVA. most of the programmers(not php prgmers) i’ve met regard us like a third grade programmers.

is there a future for php and its developers?

Definitely a future!

And a very bright one.

I am a C++ programmer as well (and know Python, Java, Lisp, …) and I am aware that there are a lot of "experts" who regard PHP as a horrible language.

Yes, 10 years ago - 5 years ago even - the average PHP code was horrible!

But take a look at the clean code that Yii has. Look at the beauty and elegance of modern PHP frameworks and compare that to what people are doing in .NET and Java.

Yes, PHP has baggage and quirky features, a lot of inconsistent functions, but that is a price you have to pay for backwards compatibility…

Javascript is also being called a horrible language…

I personally like it. ;)

Look at the rate at which PHP is progressing and you’ll see that it is far from dead.

PHP 7 is on the horizon now.

I love PHP!

You can write beautiful code with it.

You can use dependency injection, anonymous functions, …

I like that it is a bit… DIRTY! :D


Those statistics speaks volumes SamDark :)

thanks for the reply guys. i think php has a bright future as long u guys r there.


PHP is the best language definitely with a very good future.Java is preferred just because it is highly secure, but it never means that PHP has no future.Moreover, PHP is an open source language while ASP.net is not.And definitely as a server side language for websites PHP is the most used one.

I like to work on open source projects, I learned alot from it. I learned php long ago and it gives me a weird vibe on the language so I moved on to Python instead. Tried to use Pyhton as a web server-side language but web host services rarely have python installed (at least in my country). I gave up and tried to look back at php that has been updated to php 5. I was really surprised how far php has been changing and it looks a lot cleaner and pretty much looks the same as current high level languages.

I think that programmers and developers should know other languages, its good. But said tha PHP is “fast being replaced” it’s a stupidity. PHP was born to web. Simple like that.

The problem of PHP is not the PHP is the programmers. PHP is very to easy to learn, because of it programmers feel free to do anything.

PHP best for fast programing

Just to build on what’s been said, PHP has also been regarded as a sub-par language based on its performance. However, it’s gotten a lot faster in recent years! PHP7 is actually pretty fast, and hopefully if they keep on optimising for performance (i.e. implementing/tweaking JIT in PHP7) it can get even faster (PHP7 already outperforms HHVM in a lot of situations). I know if you talk to some of the brain trusts behind PHP, that’s the direction they’re looking towards. Performance in mind, application design is the biggest bottleneck in 99.9% of situations and not PHP itself, so it’s a bit of a non-argument.

If you’re talking purely about the language then yes, it’s a bit of a mess. It’s all fairly inconsistent and a bit all over the place. Unfortunately for backward compatibility issues, that’s going to always remain the case. The language itself is going to annoy some purists, and you’ll often hear it cop a bit of flack from Java developers as a result. What’s more, earlier versions had very rudimentary OO support, and the language fell pretty short as a result. However, these days OO support is up there with Java.

Personally I hope future releases are more focused on performance rather than introducing new language paradigms. Once PHP7 is a bit more matured, it’d be great if the language was forked, cleaned up a little and released as something else, and we wouldn’t be so heavily reliant on language constructs that were introduced ad hoc some 15 years ago.

I think that the future of php is full OO environment with php app living permanently in ram, it is the next step.

Why interpret anything over and over, why creating the whole app from start every request?

It will happen, sooner or later.

It already happened. I saw at least two projects using Yii 1.1 as a long running process.

PHP is behind the best frameworks and CMS, for example Wordpress. Around 25% of websites are made with Wordpress. Really, I can’t imagine Wordpress disappearing :rolleyes:

PHP is a best programming language for better future

.NET and Java coders love to troll php coders. Here the fact: PHP is a script language, intermediate between compiled language (such as C++) and client side languages (JavaScript). C++ and Java are old languages, to code in the old style, like in the 90’s.

JavaScript is the future: in a decade, it will be the most used language for any development (Web Apps, Desktop apps, even microcontroller code). But, IMHO, it’s not really ready, it lacks some solid and clean frameworks.

So for now, C++ and JAVA are just completely collapsing:


Meanwhile, PHP7 became faster than Ruby or Python, and the PHP Frameworks (like Yii, Laravel or Symfony) just became better than most frameworks of other languages (.NET: it has been written for Desktop apps, not web apps, and if it became better in last version, it’s still not natively written for web apps) B)

So here my bet: PHP7 will just continue leading web app dev for the next 10 years. Then JavaScript will take over it.

For developments requiring compilation, my bet is C# and Java will not be used anymore (way too much dirty), but rather certified languages such as OCaml (where you can prove, mathematically, that the program will never bug).

So PHP + JS master race :wink:

Don’t forget about Nim, Golang and Elm

I think - and hope! that Javascript usage will dwindle in the future.

Especially with WebAssembly, where language actually does not matter.

Then I could - and probably would! write web application in pure C :P

JavaScript as a language is too unsafe. That’s why there are many superlanguages on top of it such as excellent Microsoft’s TypeScript.

I don’t see how Java and C# won’t be used. JVM and .net are solid platforms and these languages are excellent. Especially C#.

I see a lot of potential in golang.

I think that PHP is quite bad as language but excellent as a platform.

Let say ECMAScript in general: it’s the future, will be the new lingua franca.

But, not now.

They are collapsing, it’s a fact: https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/

I’m saying that it’s going to happen since years, and I always been mocked for that. Here we are.

They are many different reasons for this current collapse of C and Java:

The main one is that it’s cheaper, easier, and faster to code in script languages rather than compiled languages.

In a far future, any development that needs to be as close as possible to the hardware will rather use functional languages such as OCaml: because when it needs to be close to the hardware, it also needs to be close to the mathematical basis of Computer Science (Lambda Calculus).

I agree with both statements.