Hi all,

Check out my new website for funny videos at

I aim to collect many funny videos & clips as possible, tagging them and categorizing them along. The videos are directly streamed from Youtube, which keeps my costs low and the streaming bandwidth high. My goal is to make a very large collection of videos that are easily searchable, I’m going to implement a searching system based on tags when I get to around 200 or 300 videos.

I decided to pick up Yii a couple of months ago. It took me about a week to learn the basics and a reasonable three to four weeks to learn the advanced stuff. The website itself took 2 months. It’s been a wonderful experience I must say. I think I made the right choice with Yii.

If you like the website, don’t forget to “Like” it with your facebook account (upper right corner of the site). Please have a look around and let me know what you think. All suggestions and questions are welcome and I’ll do my best to reply…