Functional testing

I try to do functional test like to example into The Definitive Guide to Yii.

This is my fixture:

return array(



        'content'=>'A main page test',





        'content'=>'An about page test'




This is my test class:

class ShowcaseTest extends WebTestCase


    public $fixtures = array('showcase'=>'Showcase');

    public function testIndex()






        $this->assertTextPresent('A main page test');



I start test

phpunit functional/ShowcaseTest.php

and get an error

Time: 8 seconds, Memory: 6.25Mb

There was 1 error:

1) ShowcaseTest::testIndex

Exception: Unknown property 'name' for class 'ShowcaseTest'.



Tests: 1, Assertions: 0, Errors: 1.

may be reason is here:




    $this->assertTextPresent('A main page test');

I’ve fixed my test code to


$this->assertTextPresent('A main page test');

I still get the error.

it seems yii cannot find your fixture file.

What’s the name of fixture file and in which directory it lies?

A fixture I was place at


My test code placed at


I renamed the fixture file to "tbl_showcase.php". Launched the parser, which found that in the fixture is missing a comma. So the file fixtures found. I added a comma, but it still got error test.