Functional Testing in NetBeans

Hi there guys,

I’m trying to use the testing features of Yii/PHPUnit/Netbeans, but every time I try to run the command I get the same response:

PHPUnit_Framework_Exception: Response from Selenium RC server for getNewBrowserSession(*firefox,

Failed to start new browser session: Error while launching browser.

I followed the instructions here for setting up netbeans & yii, and followed the instructions here to make sure my installation of PHPUnit ws up to date. I know that PHPUnit is working for non-selenium tests as I’ve written a couple of unit tests which ran fine. I also get the same response when running from the command line, but it should be noted that I’m using the selenium server that’s installed with NetBeans’.

Any ideas? I’ve been banging my head against this for ages. I definitely have the Selenium IDE installed in Firefox.


Hmm… Seems it was UAC getting in the way. I managed to make it work by downloading the Selenium RC JAR and running separately from an administrator command prompt (I had to stop Netbeans’ server to do this). Anybody know if it’s possible to get Netbeans to run the service as an administrator so that it can open a browser?