Function ereg() is deprecated

Hi all!

According to draft proposal I MUST include in layout customer’s existing header.php and footer.php templates.

But then I try to include them, Yii generate error:

PHP error

Function ereg() is deprecated 

It because customer’s templates uses ereg() function:

 <?$uri = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; if (ereg("inc_file.php", $uri))

Is any possibility to disable/bypass this error without customers templates correction?

Maybe this will help you!


Galin Velchev, thank for reply, but this solution need to edit customer’s template files (replace ereg to preg_match). Is any possibility to avoid this?


This error issued in PHP 5.3

To allow using ereg* function in PHP 5.3

Find in php.ini:

; overload(replace) single byte functions by mbstring functions.

; mail(), ereg(), etc are overloaded by mb_send_mail(), mb_ereg(),

; etc. Possible values are 0,1,2,4 or combination of them.

; For example, 7 for overload everything.

; 0: No overload

; 1: Overload mail() function

; 2: Overload str*() functions

; 4: Overload ereg*() functions

;mbstring.func_overload = 0

uncomment and set:

mbstring.func_overload = 5 

this will enable mail() and ereg*() (1+4) without any refactoring of customer’s files!

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