Fullstack Web Developer (Yii2 + LAMP\LEMP + Cordova + JS + Linux DevOps) [UAE Visa + Canadian Visa] [Top Rated on Upwork])

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I have a huge web development experience (more, than 10 years). I work a lot with Yii2 framework and I really like to work with this technology.

I can work with MySql, MongoDB and other databases. I can work with cache systems (Memcache, Redis), with a third-party software (sphinxsearch and other). I know different APIes (social networks, maps and so on), can do an own API for your project.

I can manage any linux servers (VPS\VDS or Cloud solutions, like AWS EC2), I use linux every day in my job like a main system (I don’t work with Windows), any config is not a problem for me - Apache, Nginx, PHP installation, some security configuration (firewall [ufw\iptables], ClamAV antivirus, Fail2Ban and other), I can do any updates, upgrades and so on.

Any serious, difficult and highload big systems - it all is not a problem for me.

Like few examples I can show this to you:

  1. cabinetofcuriosity. me - an antique store with a scheduler, full back-end management of it.

  2. basiligo.ae - a food delivery system with a highload activity (2000 - 5000 users per day). Full CRM system on back-end (managers can manage all the orders, delivery, payments, users. Can create a mealplan menu, generate pdf reports and so on, the system is really huge and difficult on back-end, has different roles of users [admins, managers, editors, drivers]).

I’ve done a new mobile app for them few days ago, in this app as a user you can do this:

  1. Register and create an account
  2. Login to your account
  3. Manage your profile information and all your addresses
  4. View history of your orders
  5. Re-order any old orders in a one click
  6. See a Product List with all the information (category, price, rating, etc)
  7. Add any product to Cart
  8. Manage your Cart (remove products, change quantity)
  9. Make an Order (fill all your data, date calendar selection, location map selection)
  10. Look on Meal Plans information and make a new Meal Plan Order
  11. Read Blog Articles
  12. View Contacts Information and map location

Please look on the video ( youtu.be/JWvHPZoDTYg ) about how the App works.

All the App is developed with Apache Cordova. It all is developed by me from a scratch (all the code, design, Server API).
The website (basiligo.ae) is developed by me too, based on Yii2.

I have a contract with Basiligo.ae. They gives an UAE work visa to me.
Earlier I’ve worked in Canada (few weeks in their office and a long time remotely for the same company), I have a B-1 Canadian visa too.
I can work remotely or I can move to your location.

Also please look on my CV,
check my Upwork Portfolio (I have a top rated status on Upwork, less than 5% of their users have the status).

Feel free to write any questions and write about any your offers, I can review it all.
email me illarionov[at]protonmail[dot]com
Looking forward to work with you.
Thank you.

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