Full site search (indexed, spidered etc)

Are there any extensions or recommendations out there for adding full site search to my Yii application?


If you have dedicated server or virtual server you can install Sphinx or Lucene. If not, Zend_Search_Lucene will probably help you. There are tutorials in the cookbook on how to use ZF’s classes with Yii.

do you have a link to an example in the cookbook?


here it is


Looks like it was not in the cookbook. There are two ways:


Do you know of anyway i can set up a site crawler to index my site?

I needed to get something added in quickly and at the minute the content of the site is CMS driven from fairly complex table structures.

I was hoping to add in something that could simply crawl the front end of the site as a user would see it and index the content for me.

Any ideas?

Google custom search?

i will have a look.