Full Calendar philippfrenzel after dragging event

I have used this extension http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/yii2fullcalendar

So I have made my events editable, so I can drag them around to try and update them.

But I am trying to figure what fullcalender java function I should use when I have dragged one of those events from one day to another, to call the controller and update the database.

I tried to use the eventDragStop event, but the date on the event being dragged is still the old one at that point (unless I have done something wrong).

Do you know how I go about passing the event from the calender widget back to my controller after I have dragged the event to a new day, or even resized the event in day view?

To answer this for anyone else with this question:





The former is used when you resize an event to make it longer or shorter

The later is for when you drag an entire event from one date\time to another