FTE or Contract Software Development Engineer with PHP, Yii, C#/.NET exp

Hello Yii Developers,
If anyone is looking for a freelance or FTE role with us we do need 1-2 Senior PHP Developers. It’s a full-time opportunity that will be 9-12 months in duration. Our intention is to hire someone to join Launch Consulting Group that is able to pivot to other projects as this one comes to completion therefore a strong knowledge of C#/.NET is being asked. However, if you want to work on contract or through a company we can discuss those option too.

Preferred Experience and Qualifications:

  • Proficiency with C# and ASP. NET
  • Experience with migrating codebases between PHP versions is preferred
  • Proficiency in Yii framework (version 1.1 preferred)
  • Experience in building scalable distributed systems.
  • Experience developing solutions using common public Cloud environments, e.g. Azure, AWS, GCP.

You can reach me by email AEkstrom@launchcg.com