Front End/back End - Manage Session


I am using This directory structure with seperate front/back end.

Now I can login Admin and Front differently (No overwrite on session).

Now I want to login from Admin and Identify on front ( i.e Admin can update some part from front after login from Admin login )… …



I had also tried as below in config,




         	'stateKeyPrefix' => 'MySession',   // This overwrite session

I just want to share some variable/session/cookie between front/back end.

Ok… got my answer (I thought had to take some sleep) .

Normal $_SESSION, $_COOKIE will not maintain on front/back end

Yii::app()->session['sleep'] = "value"; ( defined in backend file )

echo Yii::app()->session['sleep'];  ( echo in front end file ) // working..

This is not working in my case,

I am using the same but session is not accessible when we moved to the Backend File… :(