Is Up !

We are pleased to announce that web site is up and running. provides you with free tutorials about web development with yii2, HTML5, CSS, PHP and more.

Site is powered by Yii 1.1.15. It was published on 15th July, and so far we have released few tutorials, 2 of them explaining how to install Yii2 on Ubuntu and Windows in detail. Official Yii2 documentation is good enough for advanced users, but if, for example, you are new to Linux ( Ubuntu or any distro based on it) our tutorial how to install Yii2 on Ubuntu is life saver, since it will explain you step by step what you have to do, to start developing with Yii2. These tutorials are just beginning, we will post many more, some of them may be videos too.

Beside tutorials, we are planing to release improved yii2 templates as well as CMS / E-commerce solution based on yii2, and they will be open source!

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Join us! :)

Hello everyone,

I want to inform you that site has been rewritten with yii2. The comment system has been changed. Now only registered users can post comments and old ones are removed.

Also new tutorials will come soon. If you have any tutorial requests please contact me.