Freelancers site converted to Yii


I’ll apologise up front, but initially I’ve had to keep the garish colour scheme as it’s been like this since 1999 and users are familiar with it, but it’s on the list of things to “mend” one day :)

Site is

Just pushed live this week, after about 2 months solid work converting a mix of PHP and Perl cgi, and rebuilding a lot of the database tables to add primary keys and other such useful things.

It’s running Yii 1.1.8.

I’m just adding some better search tools and learning how to build up complex criteria using related models. I can picture the SQL, it’s just converting that to the new world I’m working on.

Apart from the colour scheme, which I’m sure you’ll dislike, any views? I realise I’ve pulled in the Jquery libraries wrong, and I need to go back and use registerscript, but we wanted to push ahead and put 12 years of old code behind us and embrace the future.



Got a validation error on An empty textbox is accepted.


Site has had a bit of a rewrite, and last week thanks to Yii’s awesome theme feature I built a mobile-friendly version of the site (with some help from JQuery Mobile). Yii has made fixing things and writing new features so much better.

I think you should think more about redesigning it.