Freelance Php/yii/jquery Developers

I am managing an application I developed using Yii/Jquery running on an ubuntu-server.

This is for the Land&Property Department of Ajman-Government in the UAE. We’re looking to recruit a few freelancers to help extend the application and add more features to it.

We’re looking at people who have experience with past document-management systems, those who have extensive experience developing highly interactive Jquery-based ajax applications.

Our code base is about 25,000 lines and we’re also looking at initially re-factoring the code and fix any loopholes and bugs.

Those interested can contact me at

I have found and shortlisted potential candidates/dev teams.

[size=2]Thank you all for those who responded. To those I haven’t personally replied via email, please excuse me as I got a surge of emails and couldn’t reply to everyone. [/size]

I will re-open this post when I need fresh developers.