Framework translation -- yiidoc


The current translation process is rather complex.

Are there plans to use a thirdy-party or Yii’s own Web based service to ease the task of translating the framework messages, documentation etc integrated with Yii 2.0?

Yes. We definitely want that.

Thanks, Alexander.

Good to know.

When I got the last call for translators I knew I wouldn’t be able to help because of tough deadlines.

But if it was just a matter of logging in and translating some sentences, I’d gladly do that.

Integration with Transifex would be a real benefit.

saw that ckeditor are using that, looks like a good solution.

Yii 2.0 alpha is around the corner and I’d like to help with the translation. Do you have an update on the translation process?

Too early for that. Better to focus on English docs.