Framework Features

Hello Yii users :)

I am totally new to Yii and need to ask about some of the Yii features before starting to use it.

Right now I am using CakePHP framework for my application and I am thinking to move into Yii.

Here are some of the problems I have with the CakePHP framework, and if possible to give some advices if I can easily solve them in Yii:

  • On database error nothing from the database is loaded and if the menus are stored in the DB even they are not displayed

  • I have some problem with custom routers and I am not able to make them 100% custom and always there are extra words in the URL

  • The are limitations of the languages that the application can be translated. It should be valid and I would like to give freedom to the user and if he likes to create a new, invalid and not existing language with a custom flag - to be able to do it.

  • When operating with multiple languages and relationships between the models, the related model data does not come translated and you have to make additional requests to the database to get this data translated

  • Users should be able to translate the site content from the database into multiple languages simultaneously - I partly solved this in cake but not working 100% correct

I didnt found a option in Yii to use one database table for all the site translations - and I does not mean to translate word from the layout with Yii::t , but to translate database content: pages, posts … in multilingual site

Probably some of those features does not even exists in Yii, but can they be easily done?