Framework Benchmark

Please check this out:

How come even those frameworks we never heard about have their own benchmark result, and Yii is not included?

I think we should create a PR possibly called php-yii to their repository

Congratulations! You’ve just been tasked by yourself to fork the benchmark repository, include Yii and create a pull request to have Yii included in future comparisons :D

Edit: Ah, ninja’d :(

I have had a look at the techempower benchmarks what I don’t understand is why symfony which is a well known framework

is at the bottom? but a lot of people I know rate symfony and even drupal cms is using

the symfony framework now.

so what do the requests per second actually mean in real terms, for example it says

on Amazon EC2 instance php has 6,127 requests per second but symfony2 has about 65, does

seem like a big difference to me…

what do the big sites like google,facebook have in terms of request per second? is it

between 100-65 or more 2000-3000 requests per second or higher ?.