So I successfully got started with Yii, integrated bootstrap, Yii-User (which I modded to support moderators) and wrote my own module with some CRUD and such. I even rewrote alot of the chatlogic of an existing chat and will release it as a module to the cummunity too - because its awesome :)

BUT. I wanted to include Yii-Forum … but it didnt render the column1 layout O.o? …so I want to make my own. I included the GroupGridView extension, and that is where I am stuck! I can display all the categories, but how to i display it like this forum does - in multiple sections? I want to pull the categories with their descriptions and the included boards off a database and show them off with groupgridview. Although, I dont know how the relations and such work, so I dunno how to load two databases with one dataprovider o.o…

Anyone can give me some basic instructions on that?

Also, how does one realise email notifications? this’d be quite interesting too for the forum. o.o