Forum Watching

Hi to all,

Is there way watching only posts I have active on the forum?


What you mean by watching?

For any thread where you make a post you are automatically subscribed to that thread and for any new post in that thread you will get an email notification (if you did not disable it). The same is for any thread where you manually click on "watch topic"

That can be done by the tag Topics/Posts on your profile page.

Topics shows the threads you had started.

Posts shows the threads in which you had reply.

Can someone tell me if there is anyway to access in my account settings threads I am ‘watching’? Does this feature simply email you when a post is added or does it act as a thread subscription? If it doesn’t act as a thread subscription, is there anything that does?

Sorry I didn’t give more details what exactly I mean

I din’t have any subscription on watching forum in my account. Now I activated it and I will see how it works.

Another question. how can I see which of my posts are voted?

Thanks for your reply :)