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I’m a new user and I’d love to post my actual question (just 4 paragraphs and 3 code snippets), but the forums seem to think I’m spamming. Has it gone AWOL or are there certain keywords I should avoid?



[Edit] Also, new users apparently can’t use smilies because we get a “As a new user you can’t embed links” error.

[Edit2] I attached the text of what I was trying to post. I’ve tried editing the paragraphs with no luck.

I’m getting the same, tried to make a post and it kept saying it was spam

Just so everybody can see what you attached. :)

I’m not so sure about the spam rules/filters here, so I’d rather not react on that. Keep on replying here, probably you have to reach a certain number of posts or something. :)


Its like 3 posts first day and after that you are a full user

I haven’t made an posts though :(

same problem here… odd

why doesn’t it think this is spam?

I was able to post after about 3 days - bit of a nuisance…

Because we had many SPAM posts… we implemented some restriction…

For new users (just registered)…

  • can make only 3 posts the first day…
  • cannot post links outside the site…
  • posts are checked for stop words…

After that no restriction is applied…

My post has been rejected even without any outside links. See attached.

Can I recommend that there be a sticky/pinned thread somewhere: "New user forum rules" or the like? It took me 10 mins to find this to help a #yii channel user figure out why he could not start a new topic as a new user.

Not objecting or questioning any of the rules, just would be helpful to have them spelled out someplace where users can find them easily. If the rules change, then that would be the place to find what they are.



Qiang added this thread -

I am trying to post but getting spam filter message. Replying to this thread to see if it posts.

Me too. What is wrong with my post?

Nothing. This forum has a spam protection mechanism that makes life difficult for first time posters.