Forum search is broken

Subject says it all: For example i tried to search for errorSummary and always get 6 pages of hits, no matter wich search term i use.

Not sure if this topic has already been raised, but … well, i couldn’t search  ::)

Yeah, I think there's problem with forum. We will have to wait for SMF RC version coming out. :frowning:

Maybe it’s time to write a really cool forum with Yii. ;) (not to forget “The Yii forum tutorial” of course…)

Sounds good. :wink:

Something still seems wrong with site wide search. Sometimes the paging doesn't work. I could reproduce it with the search term 'behaviour'. I get 37 hits in the forum and a pager is shown at the bottom. Pages 2 and 3 give me a "We did not find any results" error, page 4 works again.

It's caused by caching. If you refresh it, you should see the result.

Indeed, thanks.