Forum Running on Yii2

Our Site forum Running on Yii2. We took Bbii, cleaned it out, redesigned in many places and rolled up forum module!

Nicely done. Are you releasing the source code for your forum application?

Not yet, but the option is not ruled out.

May be sometime in future…!

Great work!

Can you publish ur forum to open source?

Open sourced —

Mind you its still in its infancy. Report any issue there

I’ve cloned and successfully integrated it to my Yii2 app with a bit modified code.

Thank you very much!


What exactly did you modify? You can add feature request or make PR

Very cool module!


Currently there are a lot of issues to be discussed and fixed.

I welcome all constructive suggestions as well as code contribution.

Hi Nguyen,

Would you consider contributing your changes?

Am not good at we design. I would welcome anyone who would like to clean up and make beautiful default theme for the forum module