forum participation


is it my impression or the forum is not very much participated by many people knowing deep details of yii?

The above with all due respect for all people here, who I am sure are all more knowledgeable than myself, it’s just a curiosity to understand the level of participation, and if I’d better try finding simpler solutions more tuned with MY level.

Reason of this thread is I have a question in installation and setup that seems helpless.

People’s knowledge here varies from first-time-touching-php to yii2-active-developer-team so there is a good chance you will:

  1. find someone who knows how to help you with your yii problem,

  2. find someone who has got time to help others in his free time.

If you are lucky you will find 1&2 at the same time ;)

And, you may even find someone that YOU can help with your knowledge.

Thank you both.


I guess neither of you has the time ;)


Yes, everything is possible in this world, EVEN that I could find one to help …

May I help you by sharing my knowledge of an installation thread? ;)

Are there any unresolved problems of yours here?

Thanks, looks like you found it already. ::)


Thank you.