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I’d like to ask if there’s a possibility to have / add such features at yii forum (let me know if I just didn’t find them).

From my point of view it would be very convenient to have:

  1. Mark threads as favorite, in order to access them fast from my dashboard.

  2. Have a search functionality in My Content section, in order to find needed messages in such threads by key words.

Thanks you,


None of functionality currently present, but we can req to yii staff for this improvement…

Do you mean to write a request somewhere?


you can PM to yii staff members, if feasible i thought they would like to implement.

you can msg Quang, Mdomba, Samdark for this.

You can watch a topic, that’s the same thing (almost). :)

If I watch it, I can only get notifications to my email, am I right? Or am I missing anything?

You can view a list of what you are watching, so I think it’s pretty close to having a favorite list. :)

I don’t think you should expect any changes to the forum software as it’s a customized instance of IPBoard (IIRC).

There is a widget in the main forum view called ‘Watched Content’ - two tabs:forums and topics.

The latter could function as a favorite list.

Also, when you watch a topic, you can choose the ‘No notifications’ option, and it will just show in the list of watched content.

That’s what I do if I want to save a topic to my list of favorite topics. ;)

Yes, great! Thank you a lot, I’ve found this section - Manage Watched Topics - and it seems as what I need.