Forum Extension / SSO with phpBB or FluxBB

(Andrewbilham) #1

Good Afternoon,

Has anyone used a Forum extension within Yii?

I.e this exact forum is there a “package” for it?

Thank you

(Alexander Makarov) #2

This exact forum is powered by Discourse, not Yii.

(Andrewbilham) #3

Thanks Sam.

Is that because at this stage there isn’t a forum extension to yii?

(Alexander Makarov) #4

It’s because Discourse is very good and there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel while we can spend time on framework itself.

(Andrewbilham) #5

makes sense! thank you!

(Andrewbilham) #6

Has anyone else out there used phpBB or FluxBB etc and linked the logins to the Yii Auth for SSO?

(Tomasz Kane) #7

Nope, many years ago I link FuxBB with custom web app.
BTW, not bad forum module was developed by @Bizley but it’s still beta:

(Andrewbilham) #8

Thanks @TomaszKane did you map the users or just run separate users?

I have reviewed this but looks like @Bizley has archived that in favour of a different approach.

(Tomasz Kane) #9

Yup, he has new concept for Podium.

Separate user tables, disable app user register form; FluxBB create account also in app db, same session cookie etc.