Forum Extension / SSO with phpBB or FluxBB

Good Afternoon,

Has anyone used a Forum extension within Yii?

I.e this exact forum is there a “package” for it?

Thank you

This exact forum is powered by Discourse, not Yii.

Thanks Sam.

Is that because at this stage there isn’t a forum extension to yii?

It’s because Discourse is very good and there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel while we can spend time on framework itself.

makes sense! thank you!

Has anyone else out there used phpBB or FluxBB etc and linked the logins to the Yii Auth for SSO?

Nope, many years ago I link FuxBB with custom web app.
BTW, not bad forum module was developed by @Bizley but it’s still beta:

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Thanks @TomaszKane did you map the users or just run separate users?

I have reviewed this but looks like @Bizley has archived that in favour of a different approach.

Yup, he has new concept for Podium.

Separate user tables, disable app user register form; FluxBB create account also in app db, same session cookie etc.