What is the best way to build Forms using Yii.

I realise we have the choice of HTML, C:Form or FormBuilder.

Which do you think is best?

I have been into the FormBuilder, but I might just use the C:Form Object instead, what do you think?

CForm builder is a really advanced object, it builds the form in his own, but the price is a more difficoult configuration.

I advice you to use CFormBuilder if your form changes often, or if is the user to choose the field of the form.

If your form are statical, is better to use CForm/CHtml.

There is no real difference among them, for now CForm::something is simply a wrapper for CHtml::activeSomething but, if I understood well some discussion about this point, is better to use CForm, because there is the possibility that in future there will be some more feature on CForm.