Formatting Clistview Correctly

Hi I am working on a CListView that has me stumped. I am trying to format a single CListView into 3 columns, Below I’ve attached a picture of my list of States I’ve grabbed from my Database Table, I am trying to format it into 3 columns rather than paginate it to different pages. The Second attachment is the idea I’m going for. Here is the code snippets for where I currently am. Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated as CListView is still relatively new to me. Thanks All!

    <div class="span-19 last">


        <div class="span-8">

	        <b><?php echo CHtml::encode($data->state);  ?></b>





have a look at this extension : EColumnListView

My apologies for the late response. I appreciate the suggestion (definitely have a few places I could use that widget). I however will not be able to use that widget in this particular instance as the project I am working on requires me to avoid table generation :( I did however find a solution utilizing our 24 column grid. Turns out I was using a “last” class which was causing new lines per execution. Once i spanned each column to the appropriate grid size I was able to pull off the look I was looking for. Thank you yiqing95 for the help provided as the widget you suggested will be used in a project of mine at home.

Yes, I tried that extension and it’s good but unfortunately the additional table gets in the way when one uses Bootstrap, for example. Ended up customizing my CSS for the same effect.