<?php echo $form->textField($model,‘vade_orani’);?>

This input shows like "1.000"-"2.000"-"3.000" values .

I want to only show like "1","2","3". It doesnt matter after dot values.

I looked formatter class but i dont get it how can i use them on this.

How can i do this ?

ek CFormatter numberFormat format numbers from "1","2" to 1.000 , 2.0000, i sugest you to imput nubers in database as a interger , or you just use


$str = explode('.',$string);

echo $str[0];


Another way of doing it without touching your database is by using CHtml::textField, with it you can control the value

$val = isset($model->vade_orani)? $model->vade_orani : 0;

echo CHtml::textField(‘Modelname[vade_orani]’,intval($val));


You create a property in your model:

public getIntVadeOrani(){

return intval($model->vade_orani);


And on your view:

<?php echo $form->textField($model,‘intVadeOrani’);?>

Hope it helps

Yet another way is by using number_format:

echo number_format($number);

Plain and simple.

If you want decimals, pass the number of decimals:

echo number_format($number, 2);

Read more:

Thank you for all helps.

Another way i used "atferFind" fucntion in model file.

   public function afterFind()

   {  $this->vade_orani= Yii::app()->numberFormatter->format('#',$this->vade_orani); }