Formatter is adding one hour on time


I have in my database the field created_at with value : 1610752823 (timestamp).

When i run yii2 formatter to show in timezone “America/Sao_Paulo” (like the image up) it is showing with plus one hour:

Can anyone help me?

I made a simple sample without yii2, with pure php:

echo 'DATE (America/Sao_Paulo) = '.date("Y-m-d H:i:s", 1610752823);

And it show correct:

DATE (America/Sao_Paulo) = 2021-01-15 20:20:23

But with yii2 it is adding one hour:

<?= Yii::$app->formatter->asDatetime($model->created_at) ?>


<?= Yii::$app->formatter->asDatetime(1610752823) ?>

Show: 15 de jan de 2021 21:20:23

I already add timezone America/Sao_Paulo to php.ini.

I var_dump formatter object and it is configured:

 ["locale"]=> string(5) "pt-BR" ["language"]=> string(5) "pt-BR" ["timeZone"]=> string(17) "America/Sao_Paulo"

But still with problem.