Format of datetime format using textfield()

I have a datetime field in a database table. However in some views I only want the date and not the time to echo. Is there a parameter I can add to textfield() to define this output?




Sorry, I should have clarified. This is in the form. The code currently looks like:

		<?php echo $form->textField($model,'invoiceDate'); ?>

How can I change the output here? I was hoping I could add something into the $options.


$model->invoiceDate = date("d-M-Y",strtotime($model->invoiceDate ));

echo $form->textField($model,'invoiceDate');


note :you must convert again to mysql datetime format on beforesave()

hope it’s right… ;)

OK, got it now. I was just wondering what the best practice was for Yii.

Thanks for the responses.

I use the same solution of fastcrash.

When I create internationalized website I use:

Yii::app()->dateFormatter->formatDateTime($model->invoiceDate ));

dateFormatter format the date according to the local conventions.

Yii::app()->dateFormatter->formatDateTime($model->invoiceDate ));

yes, you are right [color="#8B0000"]zaccaria[/color], that is the right thing to do it in yii way.

sorry, never play with CDateFormatter before.

my past still influen me to use traditional code style. ;D

I found this widget very useful for my input view code:







Should work for date as well something like "99/99/9999".

Check this

Great framework!


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