Form to collect some active record relations


I have an Active Record parent table of Events with children tables: Audios, Recordings, Transcripts, Sessions and Volumes. I’ve written a public function actionLocate($id) in the EventController and the views/event/locate.php view file which shows all of the children records which are not currently associated to this Event by date range using the zii.widgets.CDetailView.

I’d like to put a column of checkboxes in these rows to enable to add them into this Event. This data is not part of the Active Record and I am unclear on how to define the form. Should I be using the CActiveRecord which contains all of my relations, or should I separate this code from Event and use the CFormModel? Also, there is the issue of naming the checkboxes. I presume I should name them like “recording23” where id=23 is in the recording table.

Thanks you, I’m new and still learning this awesome yii.