form problem

I have a page that have one form and inside this form some others forms.

<form name="files" id="files" 

action="DownloadFiles" method="post">

 <form name="0" action="files" method="post">

....  </form>

 <form name="1" action="files" method="post">

....  </form>


My problem is that the 1st internal form take the action of the parent form.

Maybe this code is not a ‘good practice’ but what is wrong, what is a better solution?

Is a way with Yii and javascript (maybe) to submit a post request?

I do not to use $_get because the form elements are file system paths and I do not want to be at url.

Also the submit buttons of internal forms are imagebuttons because they show the details of folders.

Nested forms are not allowed in XHTML. So you’ll get into deep trouble as it’s not defined among different browsers how they should behave.

Simple advice: Don’t do that. :)

Ok, But I want to send the data with $_POST.

This means that I have to use ajax?