Form Post On Footer

Hi all!

I’ve the following issue, when I want to retrieve the values of a POST in the controller the values are send like this (var_dump):

array(1) {


  string(14) ""


This is the form:













<div class="input-append">

<?php echo CHtml::textField('Email');?>

<?php echo CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton('Enviar!',
















Any idea why this is happening?

what was the problem?

now the value entered in the email field printed on the form submit?

Yes , what is your problem here ?

your value put in $_post array So you saw it like that .

The problem is when I want to retrieve the form value in the controller like this

$model = new Suscribete;

if (isset($_POST['suscribete'])){



the code never enter to the if condition because the $_POST array is not named ‘suscribete’ like the form.

What I’m making wrong?

can you check what is the output of this code?

$model = new Suscribete;

echo ‘<pre>’;


echo ‘</pre>’;



$model = new Suscribete;

echo ‘<pre>’;


echo ‘</pre>’;