Form Is Closing Unexpectedly

THIS may be a trivial question or basic question but i am unable to find the solution as i am a newbie to yii.

Yesterday when i turned off my computer, my app was working well, no issue was there. But today when i started my app then i got not an error but my app was not working.

I have a controller named Credentials in which Create action is specified. In my app when i click on create then page navigates to that page but does not render anything.

When i used Xdebug to find the error i did not find any error but i found that in inde.php file when control is transferred to this line


Then my IDE goes to below code in CApplication.php

 public function end($status=0,$exit=true)



    			$this->onEndRequest(new CEvent($this));




I dont know about this behaviour that why it is going there rather it should go to start request. Kindly help me in this regard.

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