forgot password

i want to reset the password if user forgot the password or i wana regenerate the password.

just user click on forgot password. enter h is email id n link should send to his email id .how i can do this.i have no idea for it .

Hello Amitesh Kumar

By using a hash of your choice you can generate a random password with letters and numbers, a plain text with a length about 6

hash that value and save that as the users new password , don’t forget to generate a token (this can be a combination of random values and new password and hash it) too for the link you can save it in the same user table row later you can check it against the recovery link, every time user requests for a password. you’ve to send an email to users registered mail with the recovery link and with the token, new plain user password and yeah with username and instructions etc.

This extension for registration and management users accounts has a "password recovery" feature: