Forcing Yii 2 to use prepared statements on ActiveRecord model save

To be more clear with my question, I know that there is yii\db\Command and bindValue() and bindParam() methods, but I’m looking at possibility to have ActiveRecord do it by itself. I don’t want to write all queries manually, but to use builtin functions.

class User extends \yii\db\ActiveRecord{

      public static function tableName(){

          return 'user';


      public function rules(){ ... }



$user= new User();




When I look at SQL that is being executed after calling $model->save() I see plain SQL statements like

[yii\db\Command::execute] INSERT INTO user (firstName, lastName,...) VALUES ('John', 'Doe', ...)

The same applies to select statements:

 [yii\db\Command::query] SELECT * FROM user WHERE id=23

I would expect that framework should create prepared statements and bind parameters.That would be mush faster.

Is there a way to force it to make prepared statements instead of plain SQL?

I made same question on stackowerflow , but I hope that someone from community would provide good answer.