forcing CAssetManager to republish files

I've been trying to figure out if there is a way to get the assets to be updated everytime so that changes in the assets are published.

I'm got a js file was i coding on thats part of an extension i was working on and found that i would have to delete the published asset folder to get the file to update.

Is there a way for development that you can have something in the config file that cause the assetmanager to always publish files or perhaps tell it to always publish specific files everytime the app is run.

I tried to search for an answer but kept getting the same search results for anything i've been searching for all day.

If you are publishing a single file, the file will be re-published automatically if the source file is changed.

If you are publishing a whole directory, however, the directory won't be re-published unless you delete the published directory. The reason is that publishing a directory is much more expensive because it involves traversing the whole directory.

So the way I read what you are saying if I'm working on a file i want continually republished i should also add a line to publish just that file until i'm done working on it.

You should always call publish() method. The method itself will check if it needs to re-publish internally.