Force to show pagination for any number of records

What is the best solution for having pagination of clistview visible for any number of records?

i.e.: pager is set to 5 records per page, but result returns only 3. Pagination is hidden by default. Its possible to make it visible somehow?

I was checking API docs, but have found nothing.

If the number of records is less than the page size, why would you like to display the pager at all? If you wish to modify its default behavior you will have to override the CListView renderPager function (CListView extends from CBaseListView)

Well its because of design. I’m using a dropdown in pager footer, where you can change number of records per page, so the user has possibility to hide the pager when he chooses number bigger than total number of records (in some listings it is possible). Due to the fact that number is stored in user session, pager is hidden even after page reload.

Anyway, I’m gonna take a look at renderPager. Thank you.