Force schema in CWebUser->loginUrl

Hi guys,

How would you force the login page to always appear with HTTP (never HTTPS) schema?

Only solution I have come up with is to copy and override CWebUser::loginRequired method and replace the line:



  $url=$app->createAbsoluteUrl($route,array_splice($url,1), ‘http’);

But this seems like overkill(?).  Any ideas?


You can configure in app config the 'user' component by setting its 'loginUrl' to be the absolute URL you want.

We don't want a full (absolute) URL put into config file, because we install the webapp on all different servers and will have to keep changing the config each time.

A programmatic solution is preferable.

If that's the case, you should override loginRequired() as you described:

public function loginRequired()






Perfect, that's neater than what I had.  Tnx