Force login again on some pages

Hi everyone. Yii login/authentication works great so far but a new project requires that to access the site, users have to be logged in and remember me option is default, so they can come back to the site anytime they want without having to log in again. But there’re some pages, ‘my profile’ for example, user need to login again. How can I do this? thank you.

Instead of having the user log in again (making them think that they’ve been logged out completely), many sites ask you to ‘confirm your password to continue’. So in your SiteController you could create a new action actionVerifyPassword. Initialise a new User (or equivalent) model, and just ask the user to enter their password once. As you’ll have the user ID available (Yii::app()->user->id generally), you can quickly verify that the entered password matches that of the current user, and allow them to update their profile.

That would work! Thank you