Force a 'file/save as'

Does Yii have any built-in functionality to force a "file/save as" dialog when clicking on a file URL?

Anyone able to advise?

The simplest is to create a action to download this file.

I thing there are ‘download files’ classes at in combination with a controller action

Can you give me exaple please, I have no idea how to do this.

The first class that I have in mind is this and codeigniter simiral class.

I thing you can get the code of this class and use it as extension.

Here is an example. Call it with yourdomain.tld/index.php?r=test/download

The file lies in the folder "download" under your document root.

Controller Test:


 * Download of the file


public function actionDownload()


	$file = '/download/document.pdf';

	return Yii::app()->getRequest()->sendFile(basename($file), @file_get_contents(Yii::app()->getBasePath().'/..'.$file));


No actually I want to create a link to the file itself, e.g. document.docx

In IE by default it opens up the document within the browser window. But I have seem some sites whereby you are always given the option to save the file even if it is a direct link to the file.

I don’t suppose I could add .htaccess rules to do this? The only file types I am dealing with are .pdf and .doc